Definition of "Maternal hypertension"

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Maternal hypertension (aka hypertensive disease of pregnancy) is a group of diseases including:

  • Essential/chronic hypertension, which is HTN <20 weeks gestation
  • Gestational hypertension, which is HTN >20 weeks gestation
  • Preeclampsia, which is +proteinuria
  • Eclampsia, which is +eclampsia

Patient information

During pregnancy, I take a blood pressure, and my iPhone says that it's "high" . What's going on ?
Hypertension is another word for "high blood pressure". It's defined the same way during, and outside of pregnancy. Normal is below 140/90, and "hypertension" is where either the top or bottom number is above normal. What we'd like to know first of all however, is whether you've always had it - that'd be "chronic hypertension". Or whether it's "gestational hypertension" - which is caused by the pregnancy. If gestational hypertension occurs, it occurs after 20 weeks gestation, and is due to changes on the heart system caused by the pregnancy.

Then what's up with preeclampsia and eclampsia? What's extra?
Preeclampsia is where you PLUS protein in your urine. And eclampsia is where you PLUS seizure. It's like a slow progression getting worse and worse !

  • 10% of pregnancies are complicated by HTN
  • Rates have increased in the developing world
  • It results in 29k deaths worldwide per annum
  • They are a major cause of death during pregancy
See also
  • Maternal proteinuria
  • Maternal obesity

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