Definition of "Group and hold"

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Group and hold (aka group and screenG&S, or type and screen) are tests conducted prior to blood transfusion.

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What's group and hold?
Tests done before a blood transfusion.

What's a blood transfusion?
Where you get blood products injected into your body, through your veins.

Practically, which bottle do you use to collect a Group and hold?
Pink top. For both Group and hold, and Crossmatch.

  • Blood typing (aka blood grouping), determining the Pt's blood group system, most importantly the ABO and Rh system
  • Indirect Coombs test, to directly test for the presence of antibodies against a sample of donor tissues or blood, w/ blood group antibodies (BGA)
  • Crossmatch (shorthand X-match) should be performed, where there ARE antibodies detected. It is performed prior to a blood transfusion, to determine if the donor's blood is compatible w/ the blood of an intended recipient
  • Checking for previous transfusion and blood group records

Patient information

What does group and hold involve?
There's the blood group, blood group antibody, and crossmatch.

What are these 3 things?
Blood group is your A, B, O, which can also be + or -. And there are various Rh, most commonly RhD, which can be + or -. There's blood group antibody, which are antibodies in blood, which can attack RBC's and cause hemolysis. And crossmatch is where you explore, whether these particular antibodies, are actually incompatible, by mixing the blood together and testing it out.

  • Crossmatch specimens EXPIRES 72 hours after collection. A fresh sample will be required for any units not commenced w/in 72 hours
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