Definition of "Diabetes insipidus"

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Diabetes insipidus (DI) is characterized by excessive thirst, and excretion of large amounts of severely diluted urine, with a reduction in fluid intake having no effect on increasing urine concentration.

  • Central DI, which involves a problem with production of ADH (antidiuretic hormone)
  • Nephrogenic DI, which is insensitivity of kidney/nephron to ADH
  • Gestational
  • Caused by alcohol or certain types of drug abuse
  • Nocturia (i.e. voiding at night)
  • Incidence is 3 in 100k per annum
See also
  • Diabetes mellitus (although DI causes polyuria, they have different mechanisms, and presentations)

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Definition of Diabetes insipidus | Autoprac

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