Definition of "Wound"

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Wound is an injury that occurs quickly.

  • Based on level of contamination:
    • Clean wound, where it is made under sterile conditions where there are no organisms present in the wound, and it is likely to heal without complications
    • Contaminated wound, where it is as a result of accidental injury, where there are pathogenic organisms and foreign bodies in the wound
    • Infected wound, where it has pathogenic organisms present and multiplying showing clinical Sx of infection, where it looks yellow, oozing pus, having pain and redness
    • Colonized wound, where it is chronic, and there are numerous organisms present, and very difficult to heal (i.e. a bedsore)
  • Based on exposure
    • Open wounds, including:
      • Incisions, caused by clean, sharp-edged objects like a knife, razor or glass splinter
      • Lacerations, irregular tear-like wounds caused by blunt-ish trauma. Lacs is shorthand for lacerations
      • Abrasions/grazes, superficial wounds where the upmost layer of skin is scraped off, often caused by scraping against a rough surface
      • Puncture, where an object puncutres the skin, such as a splinter, nail or needle
      • Penetration, where an object such as a knife enters and comes out through the other side
      • Gunshot, caused by bullet (or other projectile) driving into or through the body
    • Closed wounds, including:
      • Hematoma, including petechiae, purpura and ecchymosis
      • Crush, where a great/extreme force is applied over a long period of time
See also
  • Surgical incision

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