Definition of "Venipuncture"

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Venipuncture is the process of obtaining IV access.

  • IV therapy
    • Administer therapeutic Tx (including medications, nutritions, chemotherapy)
  • Obtain blood for:
    • Dx purposes
    • Monitor levels of blood components
    • Remove blood due to excess levels of iron or RBC's
    • Collect blood for later uses, mainly transfusion either in the donor or in another person
  • Tx, as in phlebotomy (i.e. incision into a vein), for diseases such as hemochromatosis and polycythemia
  • Most commonly obtained from the median cubital vein (i.e. within the cubital fossa anterior to the elbow), as this vein lies close to the skin surface, and thre is not a large nerve supply
  • Minute quantities of blood may be taken by fingersticks sampling, and collected from infants using a heel stick or from scalp veins using a winged infusion needle (aka butterfly)
  • One of the most routinely performed invasive procedures
See also
  • Cannulation

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