Definition of "Roseola"

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Roseola (aka sixth disease) is a disease of children 

  • In older children, manifestations limited to:
    • Fever of about 3 days duration
    • Transient rash (exanthem), that follows

Source: 2011/01/roseola-rash.jpg">Prime health channel

  • Caused by 2 HHV (human herpesviruses), HHV-6 and HHV-7, aka roseolovirus
  • Kids can be congenitally infected with HHV-6 via vertical transmission from mom
  • Disease of kids, generally <2yo, although it has been konwn to occur in 18yo's
  • Peak presentation is between 3-4yo
  • HHV-6 infects over 90% of infants by 2yo
  • Congenital infection with HHV-6 occurs in 1% of births
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