Definition of "Neural tube defect"

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Neural tube defects (NTD's) are conditions where an opening in the spinal cord or brain remains from early in human development.

  • In week 3 gestation, during gastrulation (i.e. phase where the single layered blastula is reorganized into a trilaminar structure called the gastrula), specialized cells on the dorsal/back of the fetus begin to change shape, and form the neural tube
  • The failure of the neural tube to close completely is called an NTD

Source: 2059">NSW Health

  • Prevention, with:
    • Folic acid supplementation, including enriched bread, cereals, flour, and other grain products
  • One of the most common birth defects, affecting over 300k births each year worldwide
  • Affects 0.035% of births, decreasing from 0.05% births since folate fortification was started

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