Definition of "Intermittent claudication"

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Intermittent claudication (from Latin "claudicare" meaning "to limp") is a Sx that describes muscle pain (ache, cramp, numbness, or sense of fatigue), classically in the calf muscle, which occurs during exercise, e.g. walking, and is relieved by a short period of rest.

  • Classically associated w/ early stage PAD
  • Can progress to critical limb ischemia, unless Tx or risk factors are modified
  • Occurs intermittenly, disappearing after a brief rest, and the Pt can start walking again until the painr ecurs
  • General signs of atherosclerosis of the lower extremity arteries, including:
    • Cyanosis
    • Atrophic changes, e.g. loss of hair, shiny skin
    • Decreased temperature
    • Decreased pulse
    • Redness when limb is returned to a dependent position
  • The 6 P's, including:
    • Pallor increase
    • Pulses decreased
    • perishing cold
    • Pain
    • Paresthesia
    • Paralysis

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