Definition of "Hypothermia"

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Hypothermia is body core temperature <35°C.

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What is hypothermia?
Low body temperature. Normal temperature is 37°C ± 0.5°C. Low body temperature is strictly below 36.5, but we don't call it hypothermia until it hits below 35. Note that this is unlike fever or hyperthermia, which we consider it that as soon as it hits the upper limit. So we worry more about hot than cold.

  • Depend on the temperature. In mild hypothermia, there is shivering and mental confusion. In moderate hypothermia, shivering stops and confusion increases. In severe hypothermia, there may be paradoxical undressing, where the patient removes their clothing, as well as an increased risk of cardiac arrest (heart stopping)
  • Children are particularly at risk due to an increased surfacea area to volume ratio, causing increased heat loss
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