Definition of "Blister"

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Blister (from French "blestre" meaning "swelling" is the visible accumulation of clear fluid in the upper layers of skin.

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What is a blister?
It's those things that you get on your leg, if you've put too much pressure on it. It appears as a spherical bump, with fluid inside.

  • Vesicle, is a spherical solid elevation, containing fluid. It's diameter is <5mm. The fluid contained is either serous fluid (protein and water) or pus (yellow inflammatory exudate)
  • Bulla, is a vesicle that is >5-10mm

Source: Wikipedia

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What types of spherical bumps with fluid inside, are there?
So there's a vesicle or bulla. So it's classified based on the diameter. Vesicle is <5mm. Bulla is >5mm.

  • Friction
  • Burning
  • Freezing
  • Chemical exposure
  • Infection

Patient information

What causes spherical bumps with fluid inside?
So some sort of irritation, whether it be friction, burning, freezing, chemical exposure, or infection.

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